The Leadbetter Academy at Cateechee
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  • Custom motion graphics
  • Custom titles

“The golf swing is very, very rhythmic. There’s a certain tempo to it, just like in music.” – Justin Timberlake

If you want to learn the dance of the golf swing, we know just the instructor. Jeff, the director of instruction at The Leadbetter Academy, brought us out to create an instructional video series. We had a great time not only producing these step-by-step videos, but also learning how to improve our swings.

Change It Up to Keep It Interesting

Three ways we can enhance the watchability of your tutorial.

Change Perspective 2:21

Jump cuts and other types of transitions between camera positions can change point of view & add interest.

Motion Graphics 0:29

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Motion graphics can make your point more clear.

Close-ups 0:31

As with motion graphics, a close up view to give the viewer a better understanding of what you are talking about can be invaluable.