Litter Pearls
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“Popular! You’re gonna be popular!” – Stephen Schwartz, from Wicked

If websites visits are any indication, is the most popular retail website in all of the internet.*  To capitalize there, Litter Pearls asked us to make their popularity within the e-commerce giant our new project. We left no detail untouched, making over their product pages with optimized copy, new photography, variant images and the all-important A+ content. Further, we designed and developed their multi-page Litter Pearls Brand Store. The Amazon algorithm and shoppers responded, and soon, improved performance in views and orders were measured across the Litter Pearls product line.


Amazon Brand Store

The Amazon Brand Store is a one-stop-shop for a specific product line or all of your brand’s products. The store is designed to best organize and display your online merchandise and assist shoppers with their buying decisions. In addition to shoppable tiles and copy points, incorporating exciting graphics and videos into your brand store will not only educate and engage the viewer, they will also increase your brand awareness and recall in an ecommerce site packed with competition. While viewing a product detail page, Amazon shoppers can click to follow a link to visit the brand’s store, which gives them additional information and a wider product selection to consider. Your brand store also serves as a landing page and an excellent click through destination for your paid advertising campaigns within Amazon, Amazon’s external advertising networks, and through your own website and digital marketing channels, such as social media, search engines, and email marketing. Amazon Brand Stores are versatile with much to offer vendors and sellers to improve the ecommerce experience and strengthen the connection between the customer and the brand.

Variant Images

It must be true. “A picture is worth a thousand words,” according to Fred. R. Barnard, and it seems we all concur. Amazon recommends each product page have at least six high quality images in the product image slider to tell the product story. While the first image is always a main image of the product, the following variant images can utilize a variety of tactics to help customers understand and evaluate the item. We employed product, environment and lifestyle photography and graphic design to convey the top features and differentiators of the Litter Pearls cat litter line, taking the opportunity to emphasize key elements of the brand identity. The important visual information to convey can vary between each Amazon product category. Variant images speak your target audience’s (non-verbal) language to facilitate comprehension and preference for your Amazon item.

A+ Content

After optimizing your Amazon product page fields, including title, bulleted copy, and product description, A+ Content is the next logical tool to enhance your item’s search result opportunities and give shoppers helpful information to consider. A+ Content is a collection of mixed media and text that appears in the From the Manufacturer section of the page. Keyword-laden copy improves your product’s discoverability by in-market shoppers, and photography, graphics and video engage the visitor and increase understanding, preference and conversions. If your product is part of a line of similar products that you want customers to also consider, the A+ comparison chart module allows for this type of cross comparison and promotion. Ultimately, A+ Content can improve both your search rankings and the customer experience, resulting in better performing product pages.


Amazon encourages the use of high quality images to help shoppers understand products and make buying decisions. There are numerous ways to utilize meaningful photography on a product page, including main images, variant images, A+ Content and comparison charts. Amazon Brand Stores also have multiple image and video module options for your store design. The photography mix we use for our Litter Pearls client on Amazon includes photos of the product, product packaging, the product in its intended environment and lifestyle shots with consumers. These photo assets are highlighted throughout the Amazon experience for anyone shopping for cat litter, and they convey product quality and the sentiment of customer satisfaction (both human and feline). While Amazon has some requirements and guidelines related to photography and video, they are easily incorporated into most creative strategies for product promotion and brand marketing.